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About Damodara Kund

Damodara Kunda is a beauty of divine proportions, located in the Central Himalayas, Nepal. In reference to various ancient scriptures like Varaha Purana, Padma Purana, Sthala Purana etc, Saligrama was pinpointed by Sri Sri Sri Satakopa Ramanuja Jeeyar, to a location in the vicinity of “Mukthinath”, the holy site which was previously believed to be the mighty Saligrama. This holy place is called “Damodara Kunda”, located in the Annapurna mountain range of the Himalayas, which will house Lord Damodara, in all his greatness. Damodara Kunda has two ponds in its vicinity which referred in Varaha Purana, had been a major identification factor of Saligrama. According to the mentioned scripture, two holy ponds were named as Chakra Theertha & Damodara Theertha. Also, the Chakra Theertha is mentioned to hold the divinity to cleanse the sins of its visitors.

Though several other Divya Desams are celebrated with massive shrines built over thousands of years ago, Saligrama is the only Divya Desam waiting to be celebrated as such. There were several reasons for the misrepresentation of Mukthinath as Saligrama. The most important one was the lack of technological advancements at that time, which we have now. Several saints have understood the importance of this site and visited this place over the years on their own and did their penance. Years ago, the journey to this place demanded severe physical struggle, as one has to account for food, oxygen deprivation, transportation struggles and lack of shelters. But in 2018, the Nepal government has taken up the responsibility to construct roads in the villages near Damodara Kunda. In 1 or 2 years, we can expect a better passage to Damodara Kunda, which will be of great support to our cause.

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