Literal Authoritative References

The following lines from the mentioned scriptures hold the meaning behind the identification of Damodara Kunda as Saligrama.

mukthinath damodarkund

Varaha Purana

this purana confirms in its chapter 144 & 145, about the “saligrama” and “damodarakunda”. as such it is confirmed that “saligrama” is located on himalaya,and damodarakunda is associated with it

Padma Purana

This purana also supports to the statement of varaha purana

  •   Chakra Theertha
  •  Damodara Theertha. There is an open site of thousands of acres where as our need for the temple complex taking into consideration future development as well is around 15 acres which we are hopeful of obtaining by paying the charges demanded by the authorities. Presently, this has access to a trekking path upto Mukhtinath which is another holy place.
saligrama temple
damodar kund lake

Sthala Purana

  •   This purana reveals that “saligrama” is a divya desha, and two ponds associated with this area are known as “damodarakunda”.these two ponds are called
    1) chakra theertha, 2) damodara theertha, these references are not found at mukhtinath. hence mukhtinath cannot be identified as “saligrama”, chakra theertha can be identified with the natural & immaginary formation of a big wheel, over the surface of one of the ponds,where as the other one is plain water surface only, though both are adjacent to each other. these two ponds are located over himalaya at a distance of 132 kms from mukhtinath.
  •   a book “sri mukhti kshetra mahathmya” authored by sri srinivasa mukhtinarayana ramanuja jeeyar swamiji, was published in the year 1060,in which chapter 4 & 5 confirms about the location of “saligrama” and “damodarakunda

Divya Prabandham

  •   Alwars “divya prabhandham” refers that, there are 106 divya deshas on this earth located in india and nepal. “shalagrama” or saligrama is another name & is 100th divya desha, therefore it is also confirmed that 100th location is “saligrama” & it is divyadesha. in “ muktinath” cannot be identified as “saligrama” even though it is a holy place.
temple in damodar kund