You are now looking at the pictures of our holy endeavour. It was our journey to 105 Divya Desams, starting from Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple, passing through Ahobilam, Badrinath & Ayodhya under the leadership and the gracious presence of Sri Kamalanayanacharya Swamy and Sri Rishi Prapannacharya Swamiji. The goal of this journey is to obtain the Divya Prasatham from all these temples, for the consecration of Lord Damodara Krishna along with a temporary steel temple. The journey was undertaken as a Swarna Ratha Yatra, accompanied by 100 devotees from all around the nation (Srivaishnavas) and graced by our religious heads namely 1. Sri Sri Sri Satakopa Ramanuja Jeeyar, 2. Sri Sri Sri Krishna Yatindra Maha Desika Jeeyar, 3. Sri Sri Sri Mannargudi Jeeyar, 4. Sri Sri Sri Srinivasa Varathadara Jeeyar and 5. Sri Sri Sri Parankusha Ramanuja Jeeyar.