Past Events

damodar kund lake

2007-2018 :

3 Feb 2020 @09.00am to 01.00pm

In search of the exact location over central himalaya keeping the referances of varaha purana, & sthala purana, with the help of local people.

by way collecting data from nepal govt tourism departments, tracing the pedastal routes etc; by sri sri sri satakopa ramanuja jeeyar with sri rishi prapannacharya of baglung mutt.

2018 : Reached the exact location :

3 Feb 2020 @09.00am to 01.00pm

damodarakunda, collected all the details- photographed, & prepared notes on locations.and the defficulties faced,. ALL with a team of 10 devotees.

faced lots of difficulties such as trecking, by horse back, material carrying, deficiency of oxygen, night halts, no natural shelters like trees / plants.

and non availability of foods, on the whole it took 2 days by horse and 5 days by walk from YARA GAON., which is a last village of Nepal,next to that is CHINA BORDER.

temple in damodar kund
divyadesam in nepal

2019 :

3 Feb 2020

This time it was well planned & got a detatchable temple,an icon of lord damodara, took around all 105 divya deshas, obtained prasadam from every divya desham, followed with 100 devotees and five religious heads.

This spiritual tour took 45 days from Kanyakumari to Saligrama via Badri, Naimish, Ayodhya and then consecrated on 22- 06-2019 at Damodarakunda.

Helicopter for 3 people it costed 5 lakhs from Jomsom to damodarakunda & back to Jomsom.

It was parked for only 10 minutes, other people who went by walk and horse had hours of time at damodarakunda for prostration & enjoyed the holy place.

Upcoming Events

3 Feb 2020 @09.00am to 01.00pm

There will be a 3 day festival between Shravana and Bhadrapada (according to Nepal Calender) in which nearly 300-5— devotees from Nepal participate.

Kumbha-Abhishek followed by Ashtakshari Yagna will be undertaken in June 2020.

The Temple site at Damodarakunda will remain open only 4 Months in a year between May and September. The area is completely covered in ice during the rest of year and entry into this area is not permitted.


Event Schedule

  • > Event Start @ 9:00 am
  • > Religious Speech @ 9.30 am
  • > Lecture One @ 10.30 am
  • > Gest Communication @ 12.00 pm
  • > Lunch Time @ 1.00 pm
  • > Ending Program @ 2.00 pm

Event Venue

  • Venue 01 13/b South Convention center
    Dhaka, 1000 Bangladesh.
  • Venue 02 577/ed Ipum Road Venu
    Demon Ipsum. 15400

Event Map